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Mar. 12th, 2007

Blah Blah Blah ect

Dracula's Castle is up for sale.. only 78 million clams. I think it's already in the final stages of being bought. When I first read this.. I thought, how great that the family that once owned it will live in it again... and how sad that they have to buy what was taken from them =(

I'm listening to Country music right now.. I was watching 'BloodTies' yeah it's ~alright~ I'm sure the books are better.

It's warmer today.. but damp and I'm cold... I'm in a blah mood. Not depressed.. the meds are still working, but  just not full of pep. Maybe cuz yesterday pretty much sucked!!! I got one of my headaches. I woke up with it and tried the meds that I was prescribed. I did try and go on about my day. Shopping with my neighbor and her son. We went out to lunch.. funny part of the day.. watching my 4 year old neighbors reaction to me eating a plate of greens. I might as well be eating a big ole plate of worms. LOL We ended up cutting the day short cuz.. I just couldn't take the pain.. I came home and tried to sleep it off... but nothing I did worked.. Finely my friend Hope called and I almost didn't answer, she could tell I was in pain and I told her it was my head again. So she came over and made me a cup of tea. Dad was reluctant to believe that it would work.. but I didn't care.. if someone told me that smoking a big ole joint soaked in bat blood mixed with vodka would help I would have done that. This was much less bazaar. She made the tea with a herb called Fever few.. I've known about it before but didn't have any with me.. and sure as shit.. about 30 minutes later I was feeling better.

Looking forward to fishing soon =) I think 'Teddy' likes to fish... I hope he dose. Cuz it's in my blood and I fish a lot!  A pic of a good spot..
Saturday was interesting.. Dad and I saw 'Black Snake Moan' it was Goooood! Not great but damn good. It's one of those movies that is hard to explain.. and I don't know if I would recommend it to anyone. It's not a sinister and twisted as I thought it would be.. but still good. It had more of a Southern Christian take to it.. but then it was not what I would consider a religious movie. Dad did say he only went along with me because I really wanted to see it. But he thought it was good too and the best role he has ever seen Sam do. I don't think so, but he did do a good job. So next week we are not going to see a movie.. we are going to stay home and do some shooting.. Dad's a great shot.. I can hold my own.. just get nervous around dad.. that intimidation thing.. 

After the movies with dad, I went to a Zzaaaa party with 'Teddy' and his sister. We were in Charleston.. I love going to town.. so I asked 'Teddy' if we could go early so I could go shopping. He just laughed.. and we did.. I got me some clothes.. woot woot. I got a new pair of jeans, a few new shorts, and some T's, 2 skirts and a dress for Easter Sunday.. a few head bands and a clutch. 'Teddy' wasn't even bored.. he didn't mind helping me pick out clothes.. we shared some ice cream and then took off to meet his sister. She is a 3 years younger and a Spit Fire.. it was just her friends zzaaa beer and blowing.. but then her arch rival came in with her pack.. and it was on.. the evil stairs, the sarcastic sayings and they were tit for tat until.. 'Spit Fires' rival started flirting hard core with the guy that she is interested in.. before anyone knew it.. there was a bitch fight about to happen. I was taking my turn to bowl.. and I heard "I'm gonna fuck you up cunt" I turned and 'Teddy' was holding his sister back.. it was craziness. The guy was not all that impressive.. looks, attitude or intelligence... hell "Spit Fire' had to pay for his game, beer and grub... ummm yeah.. I asked 'Teddy' why she just don't let the other girl have him.. not like he is worth fighting over.. and he said.. that his sister knows that this guy is just a fun flirt and nothing long term.. but she ain't going to let the other chic have him on principle.. Besides the drama.. it was ok.. I bowled a 190.. I still suck! 'Teddy' beat me.. and it seemed to please him. We are both competitive and it was fun going at each other... I got along with his sister.. man she is something else. The kind that will just say whateva she thinks. Took one look at me and said "She's better looking than what you normally date" I didn't know what to say.. then she grilled me in-between insults with her rival or so it seemed. Asking lots of questions and I was able to make her laugh a few times.. so by the end of the night.. 'Teddy' said his sister liked me. Next Sunday I'm going to Church with him to meet the rest of his family. 

Do you ever feel like you keep meeting the same person over and over on the net.. like they have different names but are all just one person.. I swear to God that I have this weird feeling that I have met the same person like 4 or 5 times.. I just wonder why.. I mean.. I believe we met people for a reason.. sometimes it's a lesson to be learned, or it's needed to met another vip. I just can't seem to figure out why I keep meeting this person.. and I sure that person knows it's me too.. almost as if I'm being sought out.. but why.. if it's the person I think it is..I know that I'm nothing important and we don't really have anything bad or good to say about each other.. we are just indifferent.. if I were to die this person could care less. I think I would.. but I care when I see a animal killed on the road. Or hear of that horrid death on the news. But this person don't seem to care about people in gen. kinda like most people are just a way to be amused until something or someone better comes along.. Maybe I'm wrong.. maybe it's just a silly crazy notion of mine.. who knows.. the thing is.. I think it's the same person.. but I can't really prove it.. and if I called out about it.. I'm sure the person would just deny it.

Not doin much of anything today. Got some studding to do.. and some cleaning too. Teddy will be over later tonight and I think we are going to play Rival Swords... 

Mar. 8th, 2007

Over Kill

I know I know, I don't often post this much. I'm not doing what I should.. *SIGH* but hey sometimes it feels good to goof off. 

I'm BACK.. I know most of y'all don't know me that well. I mean to say, even in the weird life of the net. I have only been posting for a short time. In real life I have had a lot of DRAMA. Most of, I don't care to talk about. Loads of health problems that took it's toll on my body and mind. I ended up depressed and as if the cup-o pills I took for my physical health was not enough.. I'm now on mood meds too. Whateva.. it has helped. 

My physical health is getting better by leaps and bounds. I'm not fully back to my old self.. but almost. What I'm really happy about is my mind/moods. Besides my health. I was in a VERY BAD relationship. I don't want to go into all the ugly details... but even after the break-up.. ummmm more like I got dumped.. leaving me to believe that my worth was nothing.. that I couldn't do anything right.. and it was okay for guys to cheat on me and scream at me the way he did and much worse.. that I asked for it. That I looked the at him wrong, or that guys just need to have more than one girl, that me finding other women attractive was gross and a slap in his face, that if I didn't agree with him.. whateva it was he was talking about,  I was just a stupid stupid girl.

anyhooo's I was left not only super sick.. (not because of his stupid ass) I HATED myself.. I mean living or dying didn't matter to me. Some nights I begged God to take me. I ended up doing some things I'm not to proud of.. but we all make choices that we shouldn't =(  I stopped caring for myself, stopped wearing make-up, caring about my looks... ummm or about me over-all, or what I was interested in before.. even a ways back.. I didn't care too much bout what everyone else was doing in fashion.. I just did what I liked and often people followed me. But I did hide things away, like how much I love Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy. Most of the people around me are into sports. So I learned to like, play and live sports. I was a Cheerleader and in Dance.

As of right now, TODAY! I'm back and better than before =)

I don't hind my love of the morbid twisted side of life.. I don't hide my likes.. of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy. Oh don't get me wrong. I still love Sports.. and Dance. I'll be tuning in to Dancing with the Stars come Monday.. or more like recording it. But I'm back to caring about how I dress and I'm wearing my make-up daily... not that one has to.. just it's me. I just feel sooo good about me. I'm not worried so much about what others think about me.. and I'm back to doing a lot of the things I like to do.. without freaking out that I will fail at it.

Teddy is wonderful and I'm really liking him. The best part is he treats me well.. no put downs or talking to me as if I'm a dog he batters..he has similar interests as me and don't mind my Geeky side along with my stylish side. He is not as random as I am but likes that I am. I know right now I'm sick with this stupid cold and still have more than my fair share of health problems.. but I'm the happiest I've been in years!!! It's like my blues have been put on hold and I can really enjoy life. Oh I know that I'm not what I would consider.. all together mentally, buttt I'm a Hellla of lot better than I once was..

Well, I'm gonna be off until maybe Monday. After I get off this puter' I'll be doing some house work and putzzin' in the kitchen =) Good ole Jewish Penicillin and some cup-cakes.. 

Friday - School, Shopping (books, Head bands, House shyt) then back home to hang with 'Teddy' and friends.. a night of Wii, Pente, and Poker =)

Saturday -  Movies and Breakfast with Dad.. don't know if we will see 'Black Snake Moan' or '23' then I have a Zzaaaa party to attend (Zzaaaa= Pizza) and then back home to spend some time with my Auntie and cousins.. don't know if we will watch movies or what..

Sunday - Mass then studding and I have to make a two birthday gifts. A Good Friend of mine, her birthday is on the 13th. So I'm making her a blanket and a bracelet. 

Hope Y'all have a GREAT WEEKEND =)

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I updated my friends page. I figure people don't want to add me as a their friend then I should not keep them on.. I know this may sound harsh but I don't like to bug people and it seemed sensible. If I hurt anybody this was not my intention.

I delighted my first remarks. I don't know if it was meant as mean or not.. but I took it that way. So bubye. It was in response to my List and make-up. Life is too short to have to deal with mean people!

I have much work to do today! I woke up and went right back to bed. I've been sick.. caught 'Teddy's' cold and yeah.. I don't do well with colds. 

There is a new tv show airing Sunday March 11th at 9 pm. BloodTies. I don't get into Lifetime movies or tv shows per say. However this dose look good enough to take view, at least once. It's about Vampires and based off the books. So I'm gonna give it a try. I'm posting a link just in case y'all would like to check it out. I took the test.. and yeah.. not too good.. *hangs head in shame* I got 5 out of 11 =( I'm thinking this Evil Chic is Hot


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Happy Birthday

Mar. 7th, 2007

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I just counted my nail polish.. umm yeah.. I have 124. *Stands up and says My name is Cherry and I'm addicted to cosmetics*

The List ~ Nail Polish ~ Newer Made Up Words

Okay.. so my friends and I came up with this game to play when we are bored. We haven't played in like 2 years or so. When chatting with a friend of mine. He moved away about a year ago. Anyway he brought it up.. The game goes like this.. you make up a list of things to do.. some lamo some extrem a some not quite legal.. but that's the risk. Then you roll a dice and see what you have to do..

For example


1.) Ask a total stranger for a kiss
2.) Run around the block yelling I'm a nerd
3.) Dress with your clothes on backwards and go all day like that in public
4.) Steal a hat
5.) Hit on every same sex person you see
6.) Down mystery drink.. (your friends that play put what ever alcohol in a cup)
7.) Dance in public when ever your friends say a word
8.) See a movie.. (home or at the show)
9.) Play shot poker (like Texas holdem.. but you have to do shots for whateva the the first number in the blind.. so say your blind is like 25.. you would have to do 2 shots)
10) Sit in the mall with a sign that says... "Will sing for Food or Coffee ect"
11.) Get pierced
12.) Dance on a table in the mall
13.) Play in a public fountain
14.) Get a radical hair cut (like shave half your head)
15.) Watch Star Trek marathon
16.) Make crank phone calls
17.) Go out with a mystery date.. (let your friends set you up)
18.) Go land tubing.. Someone hooks up a tube like you use in the water.. to a 4 wheeler or a car.. and you sit in the tube..) best done when it's raining or just after
19.) Shoot cans.. your friends throw a can in air.. close or far and you have to shoot it
20.) Play old school video games
21.) Have a silly picture taken of you.. 
22.) Eat 13 hot peppers
23.) Convince total strangers to play a sport with you
24.) Dye your hair a color from the latest holiday.. like Easter.. light purple or green
25.) Go for a joy ride (take a car for a ride that is not yours)
26.) Hide your friends ride
27.) Suck your friends blood
28.) Play volleyball (a big kick in the snow)
29.) Drink adult kool-aid (made like kool-aid but no water.. just vodka)
30.) Paint something
31.) Go swimming
32.) Jump off a house
33.) Car surf (stand on a car and someone drives.. not too fast)
34.) Go trick or treating for booze at a party or dorm
35.) Go shopping
36.) Lick the bottom of a public chair
37.) Order a pizza at a taco joint.. and demand it.. 
38.) Play super soaker in a public place 
39.) Go the beach
40.) Break in a car

Damn it.. I have too many nail polishes.. I wish I didn't feel the need to have a huge variety of everything.. seriously.. I have like just soo many.. I'll take a picture.. and show ya's.. it's just nutzzzz

Don't know if y'all have your own words.. my friends and I come up with words all the time.. or sayings.. like

foodasum (an orgasm that your mouth has due to some really good food) 
Multiple Uglyosis (someone that is really friggen ugly)

I have caught 'Teddy's' cold.. gurr..

Feb. 26th, 2007

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I'm posting but... I don't have a lot to say today. School is alright.. I think I'm not going to do well with my midterm.. but cuz my grades are decent I should pull it off. I hate getting ok to bad grades. Guess I've been goofing off too much. So I told my friends not to come over for a while. I'll be seeing 'Teddy' on Thursday and after tv tonight he is going to call. Other than that.. my friends are just going to have to understand. It's just the one class. My other class is going just fine... I got an A on my last paper.

'Teddy' and I are becoming friends... maybe more. He seems interested. I'm the one that isn't sure. Guess I'm just afraid of getting hurt. So I'm taking it slow. My dad likes him. In fact everybody likes him..

I'm geeked about this tv show tonight. 'The Black Donnellys' about a black Irish family.. brothers and how they get messed up with some Italian NYC mob. My gran told me bout the black Irish years ago. She said that it runs in our family.. but I don't see it. In fact I never really asked any questions. So when this show came about.. I took a look on the net. I guess that there really is no answer. It's all just a legend.. sounds like it would make for a good story.

I talked with my dad and will be working for him this summer. The best part is I'll be working with Hope =) I'll also have some spending cash.. I'm also going to try and get a job as an assistant coach for our little league team..

I'm hungry.... nuts and spinach sounds good to me.. that or french toast.. or maybe mexican



Feb. 24th, 2007


I'm chillin tonight.. it's arts and crafts week at pantie camp.. and it hurts like a biatch.. I didn't go to any movies.. like planed =( Last night, 'Teddy' had car trouble. His starter relay has been going.. guess he put in an order for the part.. but it hasn't come in yet. So we were about to leave and it wouldn't start. So he pulled out a screw driver to try and bypass something. All I know is he ended getting his screwdriver stuck to the battery.. and he needed a new battery. The short of it. We didn't go to the movies.. we stayed in and played gin rummy. I love rummy. 

When I woke up this morning finding a Massacre at the beef curtain and feeling like two cows wrestling inside of me.. I told dad nope.. so all day I've been crabby.. sore and not interested in doing much more than vegging out. 'Teddy' called a few times... guess we are going to try and catch that movie next week or something..

I'm starting a new craft project.. When I'm done I'll post it. I'm going to make this short.

Feb. 22nd, 2007

(no subject)

I can't seem to get it going today.. I think I slept too much. I hate doing that.. I end up really sleepy all day.. Gurr/Yawn

The last few days have been blah.. lets see. Shrove Tuesday was nice.. it always is. We had friends over. Ate crapes and donuts.. loads of sweets and junk. Ash Wednesday was nice. At home quite.. but service was nice.. my friend Michelle messed up and got the dirty look from the elders of the church.. and I think maybe they were right. She showed up in jammies. I think that is pushing the limits just too much for church attire. My aunt did come up to us and told M "Get some respect for yourself.. your beautiful and smart, now start acting like it and dressing like it" I love M but, she soaks up trouble like rain in the dirt.. just went threw a STD scare with her.. making out with any guy that will show her any attention..

Then again maybe I'm too up-tight. I ended up blushing when Nick told me I was staunchy... Ash Wednesday is supposed to be mournful.. Whatever.. sometimes I take things too seriously.. I did end up telling my one friend B that she was a tard. She wanted to give up cursing for lent... then announced it. When she asked why I thought that.. I told her that if you go and tell people that.. most will go out of their way to make you break it.. and besides.. cursing is a sin.. (never understood why.. I don't see anything in the bible that says Thou Shalt Not Curse) what you should give up is something you really like.. smoke, booze, soda, junk food, video games, puter' those kinds of things.

Not much really going on with me.. mostly it's been about hanging out with friends.. playing with my Wii and 360.. I picked up 'Crack Down' and been cracking out on that.. I found all the guys in the first gang.. This game rocks.. love that I can make people into human fire balls and kick cars as if they are nothing but a ball. Leap from building to building with no problems.. I'm also really enjoying 'Wii Play' and 'WarioWare' 

I have been talking with 'Teddy' and he is alright.. makes me laugh and that's huge.. we like some of the same music.. he is into old school rock.. (70's) and some main stream. System of a Down and Ashes of Soma. We have a date this week to see 'Somkin' Aces' he stopped over on Shrove Tuesday and that was interesting.. our first time hanging out and I'm buzzed and my family is... humm Cuh-raziness.. telling stories and telling everyone how much they love each other.. at least we are happy drunks.. lol My auntie was sober (always is) and she told me it went well. He seemed to fit in well. 'Teddy' said that it was fun.. that he wished his family was that. I just wished that our first time hangin out was more romantic. I have enough friends.. I mean I would like to have a special beau. My aunt is always telling me "Girl.. love comes when it's good and ready. You can't rush it." 'Teddy' did get the stamp of approval from her. I must confess that means a lot to me. I love my aunt very much and trust in her. My friends are on the fence with this one.. just waiting to get to know him more I guess.

some pic of the things I made..


I didn't make the spider.. that was an 'Avon' gift.. this the chainmail I've talked about.. 

Feb. 15th, 2007


Can someone step up and let me know if they were the one that sent me a kick ass Valentine. I received a ghoulish Valentine in my email. I absolutely LOVED it! Not a clue as to who the person is. I don't recognize the email-address and they simply put "Happy Valentine's Day!" 

Thank You so much to the sender. You've got me dead on with the cute/morbid card. Hugs to ya

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